Wednesday, June 27, 2012

War In Heaven

Heaven is portrayed to us in the Bible and in our churches as being a beautiful, serene, and miraculous place where God, Jesus and the Angels live and where our loved ones will once more be together.  Most all of the world's religions teach us of a peaceful, loving Great Beyond.  Little is taught about war in Heaven!

How much time is spent telling us what a loving and merciful God there is and how wonderful life in Heaven will be when we reach the golden shore of the Great Beyond - Heaven?  Don't get me wrong.  I truly believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost!  I know in my heart and soul that their is a Heaven and a Hell!  I can attest as only a few can that there is definitely life after death and our spirits don't die ( that will be a future blog).  My point is, while we are all constantly told of the great, miraculous and wonderful, seldom are we told of the wars in Heaven, the reasons for the creation of Earth, Hell and mankind, or studied about the war in Heaven between Jehovah and Lucifer! 

Questions come to mind when I read that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us.  Does that mean that he and Jehovah and the true Angels of God are rebuilding Heaven from the war?  Is the war the reason Earth was created?  Perhaps Earth was created as a place for the inhabitants of Heaven to have a place to go to flee the aftermath of a major war until Heaven was rebuilt - perhaps mankind was created to one day help replace the population of Heaven which the war decimated. 

We are taught that besides being a loving and merciful God, that Jehovah-God the Father is a just yet vengeful God.  "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord".  He is our creator as well as the creator of life's laws, just as he is the final judge of our life's deeds, obedience and spiritual learning of life's lessons.  He proclaims that which we through life's actions here on Earth have determined our very soul's eternity to be.   Yet before that day of final judgment, God does exact retribution for sins committed while still living in our earthly body.
Karma is a commonly used word for 'what goes around, comes around' or for God exacting retribution and showering blessings.

The final war between God and Lucifer,  saints and sinners, angels and demons, the wicked and the righteous is foretold to be going to happen here on Earth.  Specific signs of the impending War of all Wars, Armageddon,  is given to us so that we will be prepared for what is to come.  Those signs are apparent in today's world - they are current and accurate as foretold.  So is mankind prepared and ready for the War of all Wars which originated as a War in Heaven to advance to Earth for it's final battle of all battles?   Are we ready to see our loving God exact his retribution and vengeance upon Lucifer and his demons and the wicked and sinning unbelievers and mockers?  For many it will be Heaven's War concluding here on Earth which will be their first believable experiences of God, while for many others they will miss that final battle and be greeted at Heaven's Gates by a loving, forgiving, merciful and fair Creator and Father.

I wonder how many battles between God and Lucifer actually happened in Heaven before it escalated to the point that Jehovah created Earth, and kicked Lucifer with his demon followers out of Heaven?   How bad was Heaven destroyed by war?  Just wondering.  Looking at photos of the aftermath of  mankind's wars and battles here on Earth makes me wonder about the aftermath and destruction created by a war between angels and demons, God and Lucifer.  After all, we are told that Armageddon will bring about the destruction of Earth!

Are you thinking yet?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apollos and God

First Corinthians 3:06 tells me that Apollos watered the seed I planted, but God made it grow.  Apollos, the sun god, the god that brings life giving heat and light to the earth.  Both ancient Greek and Roman people called this sun god by the same name Apollos.
The son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis, Apollo was known as the God of music as well as the god of the sun.

My Bible does not say there were no other Gods or Goddesses. My Bible tells me not to worship another God before my creator, God, Jehovah.

Did Noah's Flood Rid The Demons From Earth?

Everyone, or most everyone knows the story of Noah and the flood.  Noah was told to build an arc and to load his family and two of every species of mammal upon it.  Then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights creating a flood which cleansed the earth and rid her of the evil which was overtaking all.

Question - Did Noah's flood rid the demons from earth?  Were the demons, demonesses, evil mongers and devil's disciples removed from the land and sea, or did they take flight of some sort and return to walk the earth with Noah and his family?  What does the ancient works, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, the Talmud and other writings tell us about this? 

Obviously, evil still exists on earth.  Are there still demons amongst us?  Are there new demons walking upon the earth, influencing all they encounter?  Is Lucifer and his army waiting for Jehovah and his angels for a war of all wars, and if so, where are they waiting?  Are they waiting here on earth? 

I would like to hear your perspective on this.  Please send comments and opinions in, and I will address this issue again after I hear from my readers.  Send me quotes and reasons for why you believe whatever it is you believe on this subject.

I personally believe in my all powerful God, but that means I believe in evil and Lucifer as well.  What I want to know, is where should I believe they are now?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

God, Adam and Lilith

God created Adam in the likeness of himself, from the dirt of the earth and breathed life into him.  Once done with Adam, God decided Adam needed a help mate and he created Eve from Adam's rib.  That is what is commonly taught to most people.  But, there is another story about the creation of man told by ancient texts that many people do not know, others know and don't believe, and still others know and believe.  The story of God, Adam and Lilith is told in many different scrolls and texts.

Lilith was Adam's first helpmeet, but she was a demoness.  The story of Lilith's creation and her creations is told very well at The Lilith Myth .  The writer on this page and article does an excellent job of describing this demoness and all the demons she spawned throughout the earth.  He tells of her deal with God to be able to claim a number of babies every year and how to protect one's babe from Lilith.

The same story of Lilith also tells of three angels God sent to fetch Lilith.  The angels were called Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof.  The books telling of the beginning of time and creation tell us God is an alien who created Adam from dust and water making clay, much as we make and model clay, but he was able to breathe life into his clay creation.  They tell us Adam had a couple different demoness helpmates before he was given Eve whom was created from a rib from Adams side.

The stories and writings of the ancient ones speak of God, angels, demons, Adam and Lilith.   They tell of where and how there were others on earth for coupling and beginning of populating the earth in various regions. Humans (Adam and Eve), Demoness and Demons, Angels and others.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In the Beginning There Was God . . . An Alien

In the Beginning There Was God . . . An Alien

My Bible tells me that in the beginning there was God!  I don't question that - I accept that and totally believe that.  But what else was there in our beginning besides God?  Where is God actually from - a different galaxy or universe, a different plane of reality or perhaps from absolute nothingness?  Where ever God was in the beginning, whom he was with and what existed then are questions that leads to great speculation by many.  One thing that doesn't need speculated or guessed about is the fact that in the beginning there was God . . . an alien.

Alien is life that did not originate from earth.  Therefore, by definition God has to be an alien.  It is said God is life and he originated from somewhere before earth's existence.  Then in our beginning he created earth with her many creatures and wondrous bounty.  The living creations originating on earth are non-aliens and as time advanced, these creations eventually gave God the distinction of being an alien.

Was God all alone in nothingness before his creations?  If so, why?  How did he come to exist and from where?  If he wasn't alone, who was there?  If he wasn't from nothing, then where was he from?  Remember, the Bible says he created the Heavens as he created earth.  When he commands that no one takes another God before him, was that command about other Gods or Goddesses that existed and were around?

Many theories exist as to the making of the Pyramids, Stonehenge and other ancient marvels.  Myths and stories exist in areas of other Gods and Goddesses in various cultures, teaching the people, cohabitating with the people, and leaving their marks and their beliefs on communities.  Statues and temples were made to honor the different Gods and Goddesses of the ancient past of earth.  Were these Gods and Goddesses with Our God when he created earth and mankind?  Were there many aliens wandering the wonderland we call earth?

Are you thinking?  Do you know the answers?  The only answer I know is that in the beginning there was God . . . an alien.

Just Me Granny D

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God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Spirits and Life - What Do You Believe?

God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Spirits and Life- What Do You Believe?

God, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Spirits and Life -
What Do You Believe?

So many different beliefs, stories, myths, history and questions.  We all believe in something.  Our world and it's constant fascination with the occult and witchcraft, vampires and werewolves, demons and angels at war, myths of Zeus and Poseidon, stonehenge and pyramids, Aztec's and Nostradamus, we show the ideas and beliefs of their actual possibility are flickering somewhere within.

Everyone believes in something.  Perhaps there is something in everyone's religion and beliefs that in actuality might show they are all bits and pieces of ONE - Is it possible each is just it's own chapter in a much bigger book of life!?!

If we believe in a hereafter and an afterlife of any kind - then we must also believe there is only one hereafter that we all believe in!  There isn't a different one for each religion - there is only one - I don't care if you believe in your spirit coming back or that St Pete will meet you at the gate or if you believe you will burn in fiery hell - it is one and the same - it is from the point of death to your body that your soul advances to a hereafter point -

My Bible is comprised of ancient writings from the libraries of the Pope of the Catholic Church and were commissioned to be put together as a Bible by King James, which is why it is called The King James Version.  They went through innumerable ancient writings and chose which writings they wanted to include in the Bible and which they would leave out!  An example would be the writings concerning Jesus as a child.

Other writings which were not included are "The Dead Sea Scrolls", writings contained in the Catholic Bible, the Hebrew Bible, and other religious books.  Some of the writings in these books are actually different translations of the same actual writing.

Leaders of Religions teach these books and just as society in a whole has evolved and changed over the years, so have religions - evolution in teachings for daily living, but basics always remain the same. Do you have faith that you are learning your life's lessons and living your life here to secure a better afterlife for your soul?  Or are you not feeding your soul and your faith?  Are you letting your spirit wither and harden in preparation for an afterlife of hell?

Perhaps you say you don't believe - that when you die you just die - there is no physical evidence of an afterlife - To that I say that the rebirth of the earth and all her bounty each Spring is proof of rebirth.

What do you believe?  Is it logical or is it faith?  Faith is not born of logic - faith is born of life's experiences and God's miracles and answered prayers.  Faith is nurtured and grows as one lives their beliefs, learns their life's lessons, and lives accordingly.

Perhaps all the various religious writings and books, the myths and stories of ancient Gods and Goddesses, angels and demons should all be put together.  If all the different translations were actually put into one translation of the exact writings, and all Indian and Aztec and Greek and Egyptian, etc., and were all combined into one story -maybe there would be one book of life with many different chapters. 

God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Spirits and Life - my Bible tells me there are other Gods besides Him who is named Jehovah.  He tells me not to take another God before him.  My Bible tells me of Angels and Demons, of Spirits, of witchcraft and monsters.  What do you believe?

Are you thinking yet?
Just Me Granny D